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Sharon Abela

Sharon is an AFTRS Alumni  with a Post Graduate Screen Certificate in Creative Producing, she is passionate about story and has strong pre-production, shoot and post production skills, which regularly afford her a trouble free project and shoot.


Her vivacious, diplomatic and professional attitude to her work allows her to get the most from clients, cast and crew. Her unique ability to bring productions in on budget, on time and to the highest quality with a sense of calm and good humour, is a much appreciated skill set, and one of the many things she prides herself on.  


Sharon is a solution based professional and has the enviable ability to always see a challenge from multiple view points, while firmly believing there is always a way


She often draws from her large network of professional creative writers, directors and cinematographers to collaborate on creative briefs and with a background in production, Sharon has an extended family of technicians and crew that form a seamless team.



What people say.

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Sharon was Line Producer on my award-winning short film ‘Beyond the Bubble’. Pre-production for this film was only a few short weeks.

Sharon was fantastic! We were shooting at 7 locations in Sydney's CBD over 3 days with a live-action crew, actors and 20 extras. With Sharon’s contribution, everything ran smoothly. Sharon helped to secure crew, location permits, she worked out transport logistics, negotiated for better rates on gear, managed the budget and schedule, sent out call sheets, and was a great support to me in any moments of panic!

Sharon is intelligent, collaborative, efficient and calm under pressure. I had a wonderful experience working with Sharon on Beyond the Bubble and I look forward to working with her again.

Anna Hildebrandt 

Director/Producer, Crispy Productions

Matt Bird 

Director - Chester Films

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I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon Abela on a number of film and television productions that I have directed over the past few years. Some of these productions have included digital content for 3M in conjunction with TEDx Sydney, a TV promo for NITV’s “The  Point” with STan Grant, and most recently on a major TVC campaign for GlaxoSMith Kline where we produced a number of commercials for their Panadol and Voltaren products.


Throughout all my dealings with Sharon I’ve found her to be professional, efficient, reliable and committed to the task at hand. But what impresses me the most about Sharon, aside from these qualities, is the unwavering positive energy she brings to a job. Sharon’s good nature, thoughtfulness and sense of humour are an invaluable asset, which can light up even the most cahllenging and stressful shoots.

Peter Cramer 

Director - The Milk Bar

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend the producing services provided by Sharon Abela who has been working with me in a freelance capacity for over 3 years. In my career, very few people rise to the top of my list that possess such a wide range of skills and qualities.  She is an exceptionally talented producer who can handle everything from big budget productions to smaller projects.


She is an excellent communicator and a natural manager.  Without exception, her projects are smartly produced and budgeted and she never looses sight of the big picture objectives or the smallest detail. Both crews and clients love working with her. You will not be disappointed. 

Paul Howard 

Director of Photography

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From a Cinematographers perspective, Sharon’s extensive knowledge of the creative process, techniques and equipment is incredibly helpful.

I always feel supported to achieve the best I can do even in a time poor environment. A solution based, completely unique individual, who is always fiercely loyal to the safety and wellbeing of every crew-member.

Working with Sharon Abela is always an enjoyable experience.

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